Should we consider putting protection on the Detector Conditions pages on the Confluence so only HPS users can see it after logging in?

There is connection information there for accessing the conditions database.  Only read-only account information is provided, but still I'm not sure it should be public where anyone can see it.  I'd like to provide the calibration account information there, too, but obviously that's not something that can be put on a public page as it allows updating the db.  It would probably be fine though if only HPS Confluence users could see it.

I would not mind if the entire Computing & Software area was protected, though I guess this could cause issues for non-collaborators trying to access it (does anyone without an HPS Confluence account need to see this stuff?).  Seems like there is a lot of information in there on many different pages which should not really be public for anyone to read it.

What are everyone's thoughts on this?


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