Hello All,

I created a branch from master called Run2019Master. Currently it is identical to master. This is as we discussed at yesterday’s software meeting.
Could all of you please use Run2019Master for the “rapid development of the code to make it work for 2019 data” development?
I think that would improve quite a bit on the current “everything in iss425" that we are having. Please still make issues when possible/sensible! Then you can merge your issue into Run2019Master without worrying about the pull request, or breaking any 2015/2016 data analysis (we’ll fix that up later, before it goes into master proper.) 
Keep your issue branch open until it is actually merged into “master proper”.

We need to do this, because what is happening right now is a bit of a mess with too many moving parts, and I think it will give us problems when we try to figure out what jar to use for the monitoring app and the DQM.


- Maurik

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