Thanks Tongtong,

Appreciate your doing this.


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Dear all,

Yesterday, we got a lot of available runs.
I picked up most of runs from 9908 - 9929 for cooking.
The jobs has been submitted and been running.

jar is up to date.
-d: HPS-PhysicsRun2019-v1-4pt5
-x: PhysicsRun2019_testRecon.lcsim
-R: ${run}

Please let me know if you need extra runs or special requirements for setup.

Best regards,

On Jul 17, 2019, at 11:09 AM, Tongtong Cao <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

According to the run list in Run Spreadsheet 2019, I categorized runs (collected so far) as “Ecal Pedestal”, “SVT OFF” and “SVT ON” after dropping junk runs.
A table is attached.

There are two steps for cooking:
  Step 1: Decoding and reconstruction using the up-to-date “SNAPSHOT-bin.jar"
      Parameter setup in the current jsub.xml:
           1) -d (detector): HPS-PhysicsRun2019-v1-4pt5
           2) -x (steering file): PhysicsRun2019_testRecon.lcsim for “SVT ON” runs, and PhysicsRun2019_NoSVT.lcsim for “SVT OFF” runs
           3) -R (run number): ${run} (run number of processed run)
  Step 2: Conversion from LCIO file into ROOT file using for convenience of C++ users

Other setup in the current jsub.xml:
  # of processed files for a given run: all files if # < 15, 15 files (5 at first, 5 in the middle, and 5 at the end) if # >= 15
  Destination of output: /volatile/hallb/hps/data/run2019/ConcurrentCook/${run};  /volatile/hallb/hps/data/run2019/ConcurrentCookfail/${run} (if failed)

To request a run/runs for data cooking, please provide run number(s) and special requests, like # of processed files or a list of processed files for a run, output storage for the long-term usage (the default “volatile" storage temporarily keep output), etc.

So far, runs 9569 (SVT OFF) and 9600 (SVT ON) have been cooked.

ps: Please add notes for each run during shifts.

Best regards,
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