Hello, everyone.

I have put up a PR in hps-java to merge in the famous Run2019Master branch to master:


I took these steps to set it up:
This seemed to result in a clean PR without any conflicts. The issue branch compiles fine now.

I do not spot any breaking changes after scanning over the commits, except that it seems monitoring will be permanently broken for pre-2019 data. It would be a large amount of work to fix this, and not really worth the effort, so I think that ship has sailed.

The SVT EVIO reader classes in the evio module had the most complex set of changes on the 2019 branch, and the versions in this issue branch should be checked to make sure they are the correct ones.

We should cook a few EVIO files from the 2019 run and look over the DQM plots to make sure everything looks as expected and then merge it in so we can proceed with development on master again.

I think this probably means a merge could occur sometime next week if we are satisfied that everything is working.

Any questions or extended discussion should take place in the #software channel of our Slack.



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