Hi Adrian,

You can replace the '#' with '?xrdcl.unzip=' however you have to make sure that if the URL
already contains a CGI you have to replace the following '?' with '&', e.g. :


gets transformed into:


Regarding the CopyProcess.add_job(...) method I could add parameters that will allow
to specify the file name for extraction from zip archive.

Regarding supporting the '#' root native format we will have to see with Andy whether this
wont harm any existing use cases (as # is a legal character that could be used a file name).

From: Adrian Sevcenco
Sent: 02 September 2019 15:37
To: Michal Kamil Simon; [log in to unmask]
Subject: Re: python :: cp process fails when it shouldn't (another utility can download file)

On 9/2/19 2:09 PM, Michal Kamil Simon wrote:
> Hi Adrian,

> >From what I see in the logs you use the following file name:
> root://eosalice.cern.ch:1094//15/62933/56da6906-9149-11e7-ba1b-579516ed5c66#AliAOD.root
> The '#' is root syntax for unpacking root files, this is not supported
> in the
> xrootd client, instead you have to use the /xrdcl.unzip/ cgi tag, e.g.
> root://eosalice.cern.ch:1094//15/62933/56da6906-9149-11e7-ba1b-579516ed5c66?xrdcl.unzip=AliAOD.root

oh!!! so, could i use a simplistic logic like :
replace latest '#' from string with '?xrdcl.unzip='

ALICE stores files in the form of GUID (that last uid)
and when i request access to a lfn i get the guid and the authz envelope
for accessing the file ... so, it is guaranteed that i will always get a
url with a GUID ...

Given this, do you thing that i could use the logic from above?

> alternatively I can expose extracting of zip files (root files use zip
> format for bundling)
> in the /CopyProcess.add_job(...)/ method.
that would be great! if it is possible it would be best if
the same format of '#file' is recognized (as this is the url that i get
when requesting lfn access)

Thanks a lot!!

> Hope this helps!
> Cheers,
> Michal
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> From: Adrian Sevcenco
> Sent: 01 September 2019 22:13
> To: [log in to unmask]
> Cc: Michal Kamil Simon
> Subject: python :: cp process fails when it shouldn't (another utility
> can download file)
> Hi! I have a really baffling situation where my python tool cannot
> download a file and another tool (java based, use xrdcp) can download
> the same file ...
> the detailed logs for my cp are here :
> https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/JNaLKsaC5pyrhMP
> the java based tool it seems that somehow ignores the external XRD_
> variables so i cannot get a log of cp process
> Could some expert take a look please and point me to a hint why my cp
> fails and the other tool can download just fine?
> Thank you!!
> Adrian

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