Hi Adrian,

From what I see in the logs you use the following file name:


The '#' is root syntax for unpacking root files, this is not supported in the
xrootd client, instead you have to use the xrdcl.unzip cgi tag, e.g.


alternatively I can expose extracting of zip files (root files use zip format for bundling)
in the CopyProcess.add_job(...) method.

Hope this helps!


From: Adrian Sevcenco
Sent: 01 September 2019 22:13
To: [log in to unmask]
Cc: Michal Kamil Simon
Subject: python :: cp process fails when it shouldn't (another utility can download file)

Hi! I have a really baffling situation where my python tool cannot
download a file and another tool (java based, use xrdcp) can download
the same file ...

the detailed logs for my cp are here :

the java based tool it seems that somehow ignores the external XRD_
variables so i cannot get a log of cp process

Could some expert take a look please and point me to a hint why my cp
fails and the other tool can download just fine?

Thank you!!

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