Dear HPS Software Group,

We will have our regular HPS Software meeting this Tuesday, , 9 am Pacific, 12pm (noon) East Coast, 6 pm Europe.


  1. ldmx-sim                                — Cameron/all
    1. Cameron showed promising results at the collaboration meeting of his three way comparison: SLIC, hps-sim, ldmx-sim. 
    2. Update on the comparison status.
    3. Access to the ldmx-sim code for HPS.
    4. We should have a formal decision whether to move our MC production tools to ldmx-sim. 
  2. Brief Updates:
    1. Trigger Diagnostics - iss621
    2. Ecal Calibration - iss638 
    3. New detector from 2019 Survey - iss628
    4. "Provide a default steering file for 2019 production reconstruction” - iss629
    5. Tracking - Track Reconstruction Project.
    6. … other … ?
  3. AOB/Questions

Please let me know if you would like to present something.

The connection will be with BlueJeans. Connection details at:
Bluejeans Meeting ID: 888 128 717


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