Thank you Holly for cleaning that up. 

Do you know if the “tkp6_refit” files are still relevant for anyone?

- Maurik

On Dec 11, 2019, at 8:20 PM, Holly Vance <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Hi Maurik,

Thanks- I forgot about the lgmc_tuples (these were large MC files for vertex background studies for 2015).

They are on tape (/mss/hallb/hps/production/holly/) now if anyone needs the large background MC sample for 2015 vertex studies (and deleted from /work). 


On Dec 11, 2019, at 5:20 PM, maurik <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Dear HPS,

As was brought up in the meeting today, we need to clean up our usage of the work disk to make space for new activities. 

I made an attempt to indicate what is what in the table below, which is an annotated output of “du -s -h -c * | sort -h” on the work disk. As you can see, there are a lot of directories where people are either doing 2019 calibration work or 2016 data analysis work. However, there seem to be also quite a bit of legacy files on the disk. 

Perhaps Bradley and Tongtong can discuss backing up and cleaning up the mc_production directory (purple). 
Perhaps Holly and Sebouh can discuss backing up and cleanup the directories marked in red. 

/work/hallb/hps disk space use (>100MB): 
270M phansson
325M mskolnik
414M gkalicy
419M baltzell
1.2G tvm
1.3G holly
3.4G uemura
4.7G mgraham
5.6G lmarsicano
14G jeremym
33G fxgirod
79G mrsolt
84G omoreno
171G sebouh                 - All files are older than 1 year.    
242G byale                  - Almost all files are older than 1/2 year
310G verylg_tritrig
(msolt) - All files are older than 1 year.
329G mccaky                 - Mostly recent Aprime MC files.
564G lgmc_tuples (hszumila) - MC tuples, all older than 1 year.
647G rafopar
                               - Data 182 GB - MC root files for 2016 data analysis. Recent files.
                               - PhysRun2019 431 GB - looks like mostly hodoscope MC. Recent file.
951G celentan               - FEE2019 945 GB     - Current calibration output.
984G mc_production  (hps)   - Some current, some old, some very old, MC output 
                               - 23G tweakPass6_ApReconAtneg5mm
                               - 36G BeamTilt
                               - 56G alphaFix
                               - 56G SLAC
                               - 134G zeroBeamWidth
                               - 262G PhysicsRun2016
                               - 403G MG_alphaFix

1015G data           (hps)
                               - 851 GB - 2015 tweakpass6 DST root files.
                               - 158 GB - 2016 old passes (Calibpass4b, pass4fail, pass1_allign) 
1.3T tkp6_refit (hszumila)  - 1.3 T  - tuples from 2018.
2.2T ngraf                  - Mostly FEE filtered files for 2019 calibration. Perhaps this can move to tape and /cache?

8.7T total

Note: How old files are was determined with “find . -ctime -365” to check if there are files that were created after 365 days ago. The “-atime” for access time of files does not work reliably on these disks, you can read a file but this will not update the access time. 


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