Hi all,

As my membership wasn’t approved when I opened that Github issue[1]. I’m posting my question/problem here 

I have setup XRootd cluster in our supercomputer center to distribute and access data from Lustre filesystem to different systems/places, as setup is one Redirector and 2x data server which Lustre filesystem available on all nodes.

xrootd* version 4.11.3 installed.

XRootd user id being defined for lustre filesystem so to able to go through directories.
As XRootd service runs with user and group xrootd it faces permission denied on folder and files which has no enabled bit for read on files/folders, e.g.

drwxr-x---  7 b324025 bb0820      4096 Jan 27 11:34 ISIMIP

also from xrootd.log

ofs_opendir: root.26098:[log in to unmask] Unable to open directory /data/bb0820/ISIMIP; permission denied

The filesystem size is 55PB and thousands of groups there are, and even adding xrootd user to groups, there are some folder/file which has no read enabled bit on group.

Lustre filesystem gives full control to user root, is there anyway to run xrootd so to be seen as root to lustre? this way everything become accessible at least for read.
I have seen document guideline for Xrootd configuration that running xrootd with root is not recommended.
I would appreciate any recommendations/suggestion



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