Greetings list,

I have a small XRootD v5.3.1 cluster (3 data servers and 1 redirector VM) where some files have gone missing recently. I think there was an OOM on a storage server last week (not XRootD's fault) that caused various things to crash. Either way, we're in this scenario now where the files don't seem to exist on disk but XRootD still has metadata for them. I don't know how to delete these files and could use some help!

When I ask the server for the file, I see: 
# xrdfs root:// ls /atlas/uct3/data/users/jano/qual/matched/truth
[!] Some of the requests failed. The result may be incomplete.

Locating the file, I see:
# xrdfs root:// locate /atlas/uct3/data/users/jano/qual/matched/truth/ntuple_0.root
[::]:1094 ServerPending ReadWrite

If I use the '-r' flag to ignore caches, I get:
# xrdfs root:// locate -r /atlas/uct3/data/users/jano/qual/matched/truth/ntuple_0.root
[ERROR] Server responded with an error: [3011] No servers have the file

Now I'm not sure how to proceed. I can't rm the file from the xrdfs interface:
[root@uct3-s1 ~]# xrdfs root:// rm /atlas/uct3/data/users/jano/qual/matched/truth/ntuple_0.root
[ERROR] Server responded with an error: [3011] Unable to access file; eligible servers shunned.

These files can be regenerated - so dropping them is no problem. However I'm not sure how to get XRootD to drop this ghost (and others). 

Any insight would be appreciated.


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