Hi all,

I'm writing this here and not as an issue on Github as I'm not sure if this is an issue of misconfiguration or a genuine bug.

We're attempting the following setup:

The DIRAC jobs use gfal-copy / xrdcp to copy the files to the workernode. We redirect this with the XrdClProxyPlugin to our proxy cache (for which I have attached the configuration). However, DIRAC seems to give a "virtual user" for each connection as specified here: https://github.com/DIRACGrid/DIRAC/blob/integration/src/DIRAC/Resources/Storage/GFAL2_XROOTStorage.py#L89
Both the xrdcp used by DIRAC and the XrdClProxyPlugin are from xrootd-4.11.2-1.

The comment there also states that this should have no effect, however we're not entire sure that's the case.
On the proxy cache we get error messages like this and the files don't get cached:

[timestamp] Pss_Open: url=root://u34@tmpazhawe@[Original SE]:1094//[LFN]?&pss.tid=[TID]
[timestamp] ofs_open: [TID] Unable to open /root:/tmpazhawe@[Original SE]:1094//[LFN]?&pss.tid=[TID]; no route to host

To me this looks like the proxy cache (we're using xrootd v5.3.1 here) prepends a user identifier (?) like "u34@" to the path passed via the redirector plugin and then user1@user2@path gets misinterpreted as just [log in to unmask]

If we don't specify the user when copying the file (so not using DIRAC) everything works fine.

Is this an issue with our configuration or a bug in the proxy's interpretation of the url?

Thank you very much for any insight and if I can provide any more information, please let me now!

Kind regards,
Moritz Bauer

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