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From: Bryan Hess <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: [Jlab-scicomp-briefs] Upcoming changes to batch farm job submission
Date: December 15, 2021 at 1:27:17 PM EST
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Beginning on March 1st, 2022 the Auger and swif version 1 commands will no longer be available. They have been superseded by the Slurm workload manager and by and swif version 2 (swif2): 
For more information on the upcoming change and the changes to the job submission, please see the migration guide:  


For further questions on Slurm, swif2, or the schedule, please submit a request to ServiceNow at or by emailing [log in to unmask] 



On Tuesday, January 4th the following commands will be deprecated and issue a warning: 
  • jsub, jkill, jobinfo, swif1, swif 
On Tuesday, February 8th, jobs submitted using Auger or swif1 will have reduced scheduling capacity to encourage transition to Slurm and swif2.  

On Tuesday, March 1st, the deprecated commands will be removed, Auger and SWIF1 services will be shut down, and documentation will be removed. The swif command will become an alias for swif2. 

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