Hello, Everyone.

I don't know if this only happens on our site, but I think there is a problem with the fuse mount after the xrootd-fuse and other library packages are updated to 5.5.0.

Attempting to mount after the update results in the following error:


[root@ui20 geonmo]# /usr/bin/xrootdfs -o rdr=root://cms-t2-se01.sdfarm.kr:1096//store/user/geonmo,uid=geonmo /xrootd_user/geonmo/xrootd                fuse: failed to open mountpoint for reading: Transport endpoint is not connected


Since the server is dCache, we suspect that it is not a version issue (xrootd4 and xrootd5) of xrootd.

This issue also occurs for xrootd4 redirector server.

Currently, it is being used as normal mount after downgrade.

For your information, strangely, the following error appears in the kernel message:


Sep  1 18:03:10 ui20 kernel: nfs: server cms-t2-se01.sdfarm.kr not responding, timed out


I would like to ask if there are similar cases on other sites.


-- Geonmo

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