Hi all,

We have a strange issue on some xrootd machines but not on others (all using the same config however):
TPC via https works, but only in 3 out of 4 modes:
machine with issue -> other site: pull on other site works, push on our machine works
other site -> machine with issue: other site push to our machine works, pull on our machine does not work

However, the client (gfal-copy) does not get any error, the file is created on our server but is always empty when trying the pull.
The only error in the log of our server (the one that pulls) is:
TPC_: event=SIZE_FAIL, local=, remote=, user=(anonymous), status=500; HTTP library failed: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates

Authentication is done with a bearer token which I can see arriving at the machine (as well as CN Identity of the user who tries to do the copy). 

Has anyone else seen the issue or has an idea what could make just one of the 4 possible TPC modes fail?


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