Dear Colleagues,

Here is the formal announcement of the International Linear Collider
Workshop in Barcelona.  Please note the new Web URL.  

                           Best wishes,

                                        Michael Peskin



April 28 -- May 5, 1999

Conference information:

The fourth in the series of International Workshops on Linear Colliders
(LCWS99) will take place in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, on April 28-May 5,
1999.  This workshop continues the series of conferences devoted to physics
and experimentation at linear colliders which have been held previously
in Finland, Hawaii, and Japan.  At the same time, the workshop will be the
first general meeting of the recently organized `World-Wide Study of
Physics and Detectors for Future Linear Colliders'.

The previous workshops in this series have emphasized the physics goals of
a future linear collider and the general machine design options.  There is
now widespread interest at major laboratories in Asia, Europe, and North
America in building such an accelerator; groups at KEK, DESY, and 
SLAC/LBL/LLNL have begun work on designs for machines that are expected to 
be formally proposed in the next few years.  There is thus the need to 
begin designing the linear collider detectors and developing technologies
that will play a key role in the experiments.  Both of these themes, physics
studies and detector development, will be discussed at LCWS99. 

The program will consist of one day of introductory talks and status reports
on the accelerator projects, three days of parallel sessions devoted to 
physics and detector issues, and two days of plenary talks giving
highlights of the parallel sessions and new developments.  The complete
program is posted at the Web site listed above.

We invite your participation in the workshop.  In particular, the parallel
for LCWS99 are now being organized.  If you would like to present a talk, 
please contact one of the session organizers for that session as soon as 

                           Enrique Fernandez, IFAE, U. Auton. Barcelona 
                           Michael Peskin, SLAC

                                  for the organizing committee