Dear Colleagues,

1. August meeting:

The latest meeting of the LCD simulation group was held at SLAC on August
4-5.  At this meeting, we heard updates on the status of the simulation
software and the ongoing physics projects, and we defined new model
detectors L2 and S2 for the next round of full simulation studies.
In addition, we welcomed Paul Grannis, who will join Charlie Baltay as the
co-leader of the American LCD study group.

The record of this meeting has moved to its permanent location on the Web:

If you have a link to the meeting page, please make a note of the change.
Otherwise, if you go through the simulation group page,

the changes will be transparent.

At this moment, transparencies for only a few of the talks are linked to
this page.  Speakers, please send me ([log in to unmask]) either
a URL or a ps or pdf file of your talk.

2. Future meetings:

Our current plan is to hold a general meeting of the American working
groups in February or March 2000, at LBL.  The dates of the meeting will
be announced to this mailing list when they are fixed.

The next international linear collider physics and detectors meeting will
be held at Fermilab in October 2000.

                                      Best wishes,

                                           Michael Peskin